Competent Person Services Under Factory Act We are competent person under Factory Act approved by DISH Maharashtra.

  • Inspection of Lifts / Hoists
  • Inspection of EOT / HOT Cranes, Mobile Cranes, Chain Pulley Blocks, Lifting Tackles
  • Inspection of Pressure Vessels and Plants, Safety Valves
  • Safety against rotating / moving machinery, Dangerous machines like Power Presses / Centrifugal Machines
  • Inspection and Certification for entering in Chamber, Tank Pit, Confined Space.
  • Provisions for hazardous processes, Thermic Fluid Heaters, Ovens / Dryers
  • Inspection of Dust / Fume extraction systems, Ventilation Systems, Safety for exposure of workman, etc.
  • Inspection, Testing & Certification of Plant Structures and Buildings and issuing of Stability Certificate.

Our Clients

We provide our services throuhout Maharashtra.